Using Pinterest For Business

There are many reason why you should be Utilizing Pinterest in your business, and if you're not already I am here to tell you to start. 
While many of us are used to scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration, it's truly an amazing tool to reach new audiences and potential clients that you may not have just yet. Using Pinterest supports increased awareness, new leads, increased sales and additional traffic, pushing your business to the forefront. You would probably be surprised to find out that Pinterest is one of the world's largest search engines and traffic drivers, next to Google! Here are the top reasons why you should utilize Pinterest as soon as possible. 

1. Converting Browsers Into Buyers

Pinterest is an amazing way to reduce the number of steps and convert browsers to actual customers for whatever product or service you offer. Did you know that recent studies have shown that more users are likely to convert through Pinterest than Instagram? Who would have thought that! Creating visual, eye catching pins that draw in your audience are pivotal to driving strong traffic, or at least one component! 

3. Determine What Your Audience Wants

One awesome thing Pinterest offers is trends. Through initial research you can see what your audience wants and is searching for which is an extremely important tool to utilize. Consider following anyone who follows you and see what interests them. Then, tailor your content to speak to their needs and likes. Add some keywords and strong graphics and you've got the potential to reach a vast audience and grow organic traffic. 

4. Longevity Of Pins

Pins have a looooong shelf life, longer than any Tweet, Facebook post or Instagram story. The funny thing about pins is that often times, they get more traffic and reach larger groups the longer they are posted to the platform. On average, 50% of pin driven website visits happen 4-6 months AFTER the pin is initially posted. Crazy, right? Your pin can give you a significant amount of exposure, and continue working for you months down the road.

2. Pins Get Clicks

Each pin has the option to include a link and that link can send people to any page you wish. With each source image and pin, you have the potential to drive traffic to anywhere you please. Do you realize how amazing that is!? Utilizing Pinterest to promote an Instagram post, blog post, sales page or offer can be the one way you can up your marketing strategy and push your content to more people each day.

5. Analytics Are Your Friend

Pinterest offers analytics to all those who utilize their business profiles. These insights can be a great way for you to deep dive into your strategy and confirm if what you're currently putting out there is working in your favour, or working against you. From here you can tweak your strategy depending on the results you're seeing and see what is working for you!

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